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  • Solar power and the PRetrans 6350
    • The PRetrans 6350 bus transmitter from PR electronics is going to play an important role in the solar plant. The high resolution of the transmitter (24 bit A/D converter), its high absolute accuracy (≤±0.05% of reading) along with its two space-saving channels were decisive when PR electronics was chosen as supplier.
  • Signal isolation for the process industry
    • Signal adaptation
    • Ground loop elimination
    • Scaling of process values
    • Potential separation
    • Galvanic separation
    • Noise filtration
    • Electrostatic filtration
  • Struck by lightning
    • The result of a passing thunderstorm was a town left without district heating. At the local CHP plant several PLCs failed, but three were left undamaged... these three were protected by PR 2204 signal isolators
  • Keeping cool at high temperatures
    • In the first instance the universal transmitter PReasy 4114 was assessed for ease of use, then for galvanic isolation – and finally it was put into the oven and tested for accuracy under high ambient temperatures. The transmitter passed all of these tests with flying colors.
  • Flexible displays for the marine industry
    • PR electronics’ displays handle an ocean of challenges – also at sea. Through many years we have been delivering displays to the marine industry for countless exciting applications, ranging from visualization of the oxygen content in flue gas to linearization of tank contents.
  • Optimisation of air supply with PR 5115
    • Unique multiplication on analogue signal
    • Cost-effective solution for modification of signals
    • Min./ max. limit on the correction
  • Sample applicaton of PR 5511
    • Easy set-up via the PReset PC program
    • Cost- effective solution for oxygen measurement
    • Features standard linearization for oxygen sensor
  • Sample application of PR 2229
    • More than 2500 units delivered to one customer
    • Cost-effective solution for voltage regulation
    • Countless OEM applications
  • Sample application of PR 5223
    • Detects extremely low frequencies
    • Universal power supply
    • Easy set-up via the PReset PC program
  • Sample application of PR 5114
    • Easy set-up via the PReset PC program
    • Cost-effective solution for average measurement
    • Feature both temperature and current input
  • Sample application of PR 5131
    • High degree of immunity from static electricity
    • Cost- effective solution for temp.measurement
    • Process calibration required by customer
  • Sample application of PR 5335
    • Extremely high measurement accuracy
    • High degree of immunity from interference
    • Features HART® communication
  • Sample Application of PR5115
    • Two temperature range from one sensor
    • Low costs, one module-two functions
    • High resolution of start-up temperature
  • Another sample application of PR 5115
    • The process continues at sensor error
    • Cost-effective solution for redundancy measurement
    • Separate output for sensor error